The Play, Learn & Grow Philosophy

The Play Learn and Grow Early Education Centre Philosophy statement encompasses the principles of The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

Our Team

BELONGING: knowing where and with whom you belong-is integral to human existence. We all belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood, and a wider community.

Our team provide support, guidance, feedback, and encouragement, not only to ourselves but to the children, the families, and our wider community.

We are committed to creating a kind respectful, welcoming, empathetic, supportive, fun, equable inclusive, diverse, and positive environment to all.

We aim to be informed with reflective practices as it is a form of ongoing learning. We will constantly reflect on our environments, current practices, review ideas, engage in discussions and gather information that support and enrich our team, children’s learning, and our community.

Our Children

BEING recognizes the significance of the here and now in our lives.

It is about the present and knowing ourselves, building and maintaining relationships with others, engaging in life’s joys and complexities, meeting challenges in everyday life.

We believe the first step to promoting development and growth within babies and children, is by creating an environment that allows them to feel safe and supported when in care. It is important to create an environment that is both engaging, and welcoming, reflecting home routines, and comforts. Educators make it their first goal, to build strong relationships, and connections with both the children in care, and families offering them support and presenting a nurturing, loving, and accepting environment.

We build nurturing attachments and trusting relationships with the children we recognise and understand the importance of Belonging to a family, cultural group, neighbourhood, and wider community.

We see children as confident, capable individuals that learn and grow at their own pace. We strive to encourage all children to find confidence in themselves and their abilities for the here and now and the future.

Incorporating an environment that supports children’s investigation and risk taking.