Frog Room.  2-3 years

We would like to welcome you to The Frog Room. We have 15 toddlers in the room each day, our room is designed to cater for the needs of children aged 2-3 years of age. The ratio in our room is set to DECS regulations (1:5) which provides your toddler with quality care and interactions, and thus more opportunities to develop strong attachments to caregivers, which is of high importance to us at Play Learn and Grow.

Educators in Room

There are four full time educators in the Frog Room, so at all times in the day there are three staff (which is guided by DECS regulation on ratios of 1:5 in the 2-3 year- old room). There are four shifts in the room, these shifts are staggered throughout the morning to ensure that at all times of the day we can provide high quality care for your toddler.


We follow a Summer and Winter Routine, however we are very flexible within the room, following current interests, weather conditions and needs of the children

Our Experiences

The Frogs have two planned group time experiences each day , this is where the toddlers are encouraged to actively participate as part of a group. These experiences involve music and movement, language and early literacy and action / circle games. All children are provided with individual experiences determined by observations and based on children’s interests and developmental requirements. We also enjoy many spontaneous experiences throughout the day as well.

Rest/Sleep Time

All of the toddlers, are provided with a rest/sleep period during the day. After lunch, the toddlers are encouraged to lay on their beds and rest. We do not expect the toddlers to sleep and stress that this is not necessarily a ‘sleep’ time. It is an opportunity for the toddlers to recharge their batteries, and rest their little bodies to prepare for the afternoon You will need to provide your own sheets for your child, we find cot sheet set fit the beds perfectly, if your child has anything extra they like to rest with like a comforter, bottle, dummy, blanky etc. please bring them along too.